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Don't Let Your Network Ruin the Fun

Have you Experienced This?

DeadZones - "Great the Wi-Fi is working, Oh no, it's not!! " Why?

  • Distance
  • Wall Materials
  • Interference
  • "Your Neighbors" - more Wi-Fi devices all competing for the same spectrum

myNetLyzer™ Pro can help you with these issues. It is portable and can be simply battery powered to analyze all areas of your home

Built on the Android, Amazon FireTV platform to analyze, improve performance and secure you home network.

How to Use myNetLyzer™ Pro to Improve Your Home Network

Step 1 Download myNetLyzer™ Pro App on your Aamazon Fire TV from Amazon Store
Step 2 Join one of the subscription Plan in the myNetLyzer™ Pro App
Step 3 Login the Dashboard web page with your amazon account from this web site

myNetLyzer™ Pro on Amazon FireTV

The “myNetLyzer™ Pro “application is available free from Amazon . Intergration with Alexa commands and user portal for data storage are obtained through an in application purchase. Runs on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet platforms.

While watching Amazon amazing content myNetLyzer™ Pro can help make your home network work better, smarter and safer for you and your family. Have you Experienced Dead Zones and poor performance – Great the Wi-Fi is working, Oh no, it’s not!!” Why? Distance , Wall materials and Interference from yourself or your neighbors devices and adding more Wi-Fi routers/devices all competing for spectrum and signal. Routers that are set up on the wrong channels myNetLyzer Pro can help with these issues.

It is portable allowing you to analyze all areas in your home. When you have finished simply go back to viewing all of your favorite Amazon shows. Know who is and what is attached to your network. Determine signal strength at the remote device location (not the main router) .Knowing what Wi-Fi bands are free and have better performance. Your real network performance at the location of your computer, printer or other connected devices You will know if you are receiving the best quality of service for streaming TV and your many more connected IoT.

myNetLyzer App

myNetLyzer™ Pro delivers the first voice activated network analyzer on the Amazon, Alexa platform

You can simply ask question like:

  • "Alexa, ask myNetLyzer for help?”
  • ”Alexa, ask myNetLyzer what my network report is for a day, or a week, or a month?”
  • ”Alexa, ask myNetlyzer what are my connected devices?”
  • ”Alexa, ask myNetlyzer how my network is running?”
  • ”Alexa, ask myNetlyzer what is my network performance?”

myNetLyzer™ Pro has (re)written everything you thought you knew about a probe in the WiFi network

Visibility into your Network is More Vital Today than ever before!

Without visibility into your network, you operate reactively to problems and will never be truly effective at eliminating them or leveraging the full capacity of your WiFi network....

myNetLyzer Pro is an application that gives you an end-to-end cohesive visibility of your network and is designed for your Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire stick that allows you to display the WiFi environment in your home or enterprise at the location where your Amazon Fire device is located. This is a very important piece of information. Typically, your cable or Internet service provider can only provide you this information from the location of your WiFi access point which may be on the far side of your house...

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